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  • Procurement & Integration Of Large Land Banks For Setting Up Real Estate Projects, Industries & Businesses
    Image Setting up large real estate projects such as integrated townships, industrial complexes, housing projects, commercial complexes, special economic zones (SEZs), warehouses, technology parks, theme parks etc. require large land tracts free of legal encumbrances. Acquisition of the same may prove to be a daunting and challenging task. With our vast connectivity and intricate knowledge of the real estate sector we will be able to source and help procure any such land that may be required for such purposes in a smooth and seamless manner. For individual home buyers we offer advisory services and a 360 degree solution to source and procure the best possible home; be it an apartment, stand alone bungalow or vacant plot. We also help secure home or commercial loans from reputed banks and other non banking financial institutions.
  • Finance Facilitation From Reputed Banks, Non Banking Finance Companies & Private Finance Syndicates
    Image One of the most critical and crucial ingredients for setting up and expanding business is finance. While investments from promoters may be limited due to various factors, several financial institutions such as banks and non banking financial institutions in the formal sector and private finance syndicates in the informal sector are actively seeking investment opportunities to invest in. With our connectivity in the formal and informal financial sectors, we can facilitate financial partners for viable businesses, either in the form of equity or debt.
  • Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration In The Real Estate Sector
    Image India is a fast evolving economy with great potential for all round growth and economic prosperity. But despite a rapidly modernizing system, there are still many challenges that many sectors face in the maze of bureaucratic red tape, insufficient documentation and legal tangles. The real estate sector, due to a variety of reasons, is mired in disputes, litigation, inadequate documentation etc. We provide an integrated solution to extricate properties that are, for one reason or the other, in legal dilemma. Through legal means and amicable mediation, our accomplished team of legal experts and liaison personnel are adept at extricating these assets from all wrangles and delivering the same in good and usable condition to their rightful owners.
  • Export Import
    Image In a globalised economy, all barriers are fast disappearing leading to an explosion of movement of goods and services across all borders. India with a vast and varied economy is home to a mosaic of traditional goods such as handicrafts, artefacts, textiles, garments, spices, commodities and various other exotic products which are valued and appreciated across the world. And now, on the other hand with India rapidly industrializing, there is a need for modern machinery and technology in all spheres of industry and commerce. The opportunities for those wishing to import from India or export to India are countless and limitless. As an authorized exporter/importer we can help source goods and services to export or import from or to India.